Coinbase provides users with an online Bitcoin “wallet” in connection with their United States bank account for the purpose of buying and selling Bitcoins for US dollars (easiest way to get Bitcoins). Bitcoins can be sent, received, and stored online in users wallet with no fees. Coinbase provides “buy it now” and “donation” style buttons so users can accept online Bitcoin payments instantly with their Coinbase account. Signing up is free and easy. Some purchasing privileges require waiting a certain period of time so it is smart to set up a Coinbase account ASAP.
Cryptsy is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides many trade options. Currently, users can trade in 115 active markets typically based on exchanges between alt-coins and Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Prime Coin. Cryptsy continues to improve and is a great website for actively trading alt-coins.
Bter is another cryptocurrency exchange that has recently gained popularity due to quick deposit and withdrawal times. They also have a good number of tradable cryptocoins with minimal trade lag.
Vircurex is a cryptocurrency trading exchange that awards interest on certain currencies held in your account. It is a very simple, clean website that makes trading smooth compared to some of the flashier exchanges.
Crypto Rush
Crypto Rush is a new cryptocurrency exchange that specializes in many altcoins that have not yet hit the major exchanges. This is a great website for trading Potcoins, Foxcoins, and eTokens!
Multipool is a profit-switching cryptocoin mining pool with a number of customizable options. Users can direct their miners to ports that always mine the most profitable coin. The option to mine in a pool for specific cryptocoins (like Dogecoin or Mooncoin) is available as well.
Coinwarz is a cryptocurrency mining profitability website that delivers real-time statistics for those looking to make the most of their mining capacities. Graphs of prices and difficulty are provided making for one of the most useful cryptocurrency resources available for miners and traders alike.
Coinex is both a mining pool and a cryptocoin exchange; pretty mind-blowing! It is currently in beta phase while it continues to attract more market volume every day.
CEX.IO is a Bitcoin commodity exchange where users can trade Bitcoin mining facilities at market price. There are several cryptocurrencies that can be traded in this exchange, but Bitcoin mining facilities are currently only available for purchase with Bitcoins and Namecoins.
BTC-E is another cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, users can buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Novacoin, Terracoin, Peercoin, Feathercoin, and Primecoin. It is one of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges and prices are lower than Mt. Gox because USD and other currencies are usually not transferred in and out of BTC-E.
BitDazzle is an online marketplace where products can be bought or sold using Bitcoin. It has been described as “the Etsy for Bitcoin” by Fred Ersham of Coinbase. If you are looking to spend your Bitcoins on unique products, this website is definitely worth checking out.
Coingig is another online marketplace accepting Bitcoin that holds funds in escrow (very safe, I’ve tried it!). Transactions can be a little slow, but there is a fine selection of “nerdy” items that may be particularly interesting to Bitcoiners looking to spend some coin.

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